Collaboration, Community Keys to Keep Me Well Program

Nationwide Children’s Hospital is taking responsibility for its special health care needs population. How? By utilizing our extensive network, partnerships and resources to provide treatment and prevention services in five focus areas: obesity, prematurity, diabetes, asthma and health supervision. Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s Keep Me Well program is committed to ensuring that children with special health care needs meet their full potential. In this interview, Sean Gleeson, MD, Medical Director of Partners for Kids and Vice President for Community Health and Wellness at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, talks about the importance of a community-based approach to providing children with optimal health supervision. Nationwide Children’s Hospital is providing families, Columbus City Schools and the Health Department tools and information for measuring and handling these health concerns. Gleeson also notes the positive response from physicians and community leaders because this program is “giving people the permission to do the things they’ve always wanted to do.” Pam Carr, Executive Director of Partners for Kids, wraps up the discussion by talking about the bright future of the program and states that there are many conditions, populations and community partners the program can expand to include.

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